Erosion Control SWPPP & Inspections

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

L.I. Smith selects and designs best management practices for managing stormwater runoff during and after construction. Our objective is to implement projects that maximize infiltration technologies, reduce peak discharges, and minimize point source discharges to surface waters, preserve the integrity of stream channels, and protect the physical and biological qualities of the receiving water.


L.I. Smith utilizes designs that will support the re-establishment of natural stream flow, dynamics, and environmental conditions. When preparing a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), our stormwater experts examine the existing topographic features for each project site including the types, depth, slope, locations and limitations of the soils, the characteristics of the earth disturbance activity including past, present, and proposed land uses, locates all surface waters which may receive runoff and identifies any sensitive areas or areas of environmental concern.


Construction EPSC Inspections

L.I. Smith's team of professionals are certified Erosion Control Specialists that focus on conserving, preserving and enhancing the natural resources of each project by controlling the adverse impacts and offsite degradation of soil erosion and sedimentation arising from construction or land disturbing activities.


L.I. Smith & Associates, Inc. has two (2) Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) on staff as well as numerous other individuals that have completed the Tennessee Department of Conservation (TDEC) Erosion Control Fundamentals (Level 1) & Design (Level 2) training programs.


L.I. Smith & Associates can provide monitoring of EPSC devices and weekly site inspections. All BMPs and storm water outfalls are inspected on site visits, and the conditions are documented and photographed to be provided in an inspection report. Inspection reports are generally emailed to the project contact, and any areas of maintenance or repair are inspected on the following visit.


Our CPESC professionals accompany the EPSC supervisor and contractor's personnel on initial baseline surveys, conducted prior to construction start, in order to become familiar with pre-project conditions. L.I. Smith also monitors weather forecasts and rainfall information as part of the inspection scheduling and standard procedures.


L.I. Smith & Associates, Inc. is accustomed to coordinating closely with the TDOT EPSC supervisor, QA/QC contractor, and the Construction Superintendent. Our representative also attends monthly QA/QC meetings in order to provide information and assessment of the EPSC devices and methods.


Members of the International Erosion Control Association