Industrial / NPDES Permitting

L.I. Smith & Associates has assisted many clients with obtaining NPDES permits and State Operating Permits, for many projects ranging from non-coal mining to industrial wastewater treatment.


L.I. Smith also offers it’s clients Mine Reclamation and Volumetric Engineering utilizing boundary and topographical land surveys, as well as aerial photography. The topographic maps are produced from data retrieved by our survey team.  Names, legends, and various lines are used to identify features such as roads, trees, streams, lakes, trails, buildings, and boundary lines.  L.I. Smith utilizes these topographical surveys as a valuable tool for accurately determining volumetric quantities for landfills. Depending on the need and the information available, the volumetric quantities can be calculated for current, or final volume capacity of a landfill.  A photogrammetric survey using precision aerial photography can also assist in Volumetric computations.  Aerial photographs are analyzed using previously placed ground control points. These control points enable the determination of elevations (contour lines) and horizontal distances within the designated area. The target information is then used in developing the topographical map.