Five Added as LIS Continues to Expand

Five Added as LIS Continues to Expand

Five new staff members have been added to the L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) team as the company continues to expand. Each of the new team members adds a unique knowledge and skill set that will undoubtedly benefit LIS and our increasingly diverse workforce.  

“Growing a company requires expanding the infrastructure, reinforcing working processes and initiating new processes,” said LIS President Patrick Smith. “This is not possible without a talented, educated, and engaged workforce. It is a testament to the current staff that we were blessed to attract these awesome hires!” 

We are excited to introduce Amanda Perry, Carolyn Dotson, Chris Mills, Angela Dortch, and Madison Bickerstaff. Each new hire joined LIS over the past few months and is located at our headquarters in Paris, Tenn. Perry and Dotson filled vacant positions, while Mills, Dortch, and Bickerstaff were hired for the new positions of Project Administrator and Communications Specialist.  

Amanda Perry, Billing Specialist 

Billing Specialist, Perry is an Atoka, Tenn. native and a two-time University of Tennessee at Martin alum. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration. While in college, she was also the treasurer for Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. With this education, Perry plans to earn her certified managerial accountant certification in the future. 

Her professional background includes extensive experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. Having enjoyed math from a very young age, she thrives in the accounting realm where she is able to work with numbers every day. Additionally, she likes the accounting field because each day is different. From looking at financial reports to keeping up with daily transactions, she enjoys it all. 

As the billing specialist, Perry looks forward to learning the civil engineering and land surveying industry’s financial aspects, creating relationships with clients, and growing with the company. 

Carolyn Dotson, Human Resources Officer 

Dotson has joined the LIS team as the new Human Resources Officer. Along with having more than 15 years of human resource experience, she also holds two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a marketing concentration from the University of Tennessee at Martin and a Master of Business Administration from Bethel University. Dotson also holds certifications in Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) and Society for Human Resources Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). 

Human resources (HR) deal with areas that impact employee’s daily life at work and at home. Dotson enjoys finding strategies that provide a positive impact on the entire company and the workforce. Working with a diverse group of people and resolving an array of issues has taught her to consider various perspectives and find resolutions that are equitable and beneficial to employees as well as the company. Prior to joining the LIS team, Dotson worked with HR at Bethel University for 16 years. Throughout the years, Dotson has worked with benefits and compensation, talent management, training and development, areas of compliance for human resources, and safety. She has also facilitated classes for human resources, management, and marketing.

Chris Mills, Project Administrator- Engineering 

Mills is taking on the new position of Project Administrator for the civil engineering department. In this role, Mills will be a liaison between the civil engineering team and clients in order to remove some of the client-related responsibilities from the engineers, allowing our technical professionals to dedicate more time to their projects. 

Mills holds extensive experience logistics and project management. When Mills worked in the medical device field, he had the opportunity to familiarize himself with customer-based service by working directly with medical sales representatives to fulfill inventory needs. Before arriving at LIS, he was the general point of contact for over 25 VA-contracted ramp installers. These experiences will allow him to comfortably work in-house with our engineers and their client base simultaneously, while also supporting our vision for the company and community. 

Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin.  

Angela Dortch, Project Administrator- Survey 

For the Survey department, Dortch will be taking on the role of Project Administrator. Dortch will handle similar tasks as Mills, including keeping in contact between the client and the surveying team, assisting in keeping projects on track and within allotted budgets, and collecting client information to prepare proposals and contracts. 

Over the past 30 years, Dortch has worked with the public in a medical capacity or as a customer service representative. In both areas, it was important to collect patient and customer information on the front end to better serve the customer. Her pasts experience will help with ensuring that demographic information is received to communicate effectively with the customer and collect payment for services rendered in a timely manner. 

She holds two degrees from Murray State University, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s in human development and leadership.  

 Madison Bickerstaff, Communications Specialist  

For the new position of Communications Specialist, Bickerstaff joined our team in early August. Bickerstaff has a Bachelor of Arts in English for Corporate Communications and a Professional Writing Certificate from Christian Brothers University, as well as a Master of Science in Leadership and Policy Studies with a concentration in Student Affairs from the University of Memphis.  

Bickerstaff has experience in higher education, which will allow her to understand the importance of education, both in the staff relations aspect and our community outreach efforts. She will also be able to leverage her background in student affairs to help with upcoming interactions at local career fairs and within our internship program. Bickerstaff will also be able to utilize her experience with corporate communications and professional writing in her new position by ensuring essential information is shared with others through various forms of communication. She will play a key role in planning and executing staff relations events at LIS. 

Join Us in Celebrating Professional Engineers Day 

Join Us in Celebrating Professional Engineers Day

Professional Engineers Day (PE Day) is an industry holiday that raises awareness of the vast engineering career field and the professionals who work in it. Each year, PE Day is recognized on the first Wednesday of August. 

A Professional Engineer (PE) is a registered or licensed engineer with the authority to sign off on a structure or design. This engineering industry includes professionals in various specialties such as aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, firmware, mechanical, and software. 

While engineering is one of the most trusted professions in the world, it is also one of the least understood by the general public. Engineers bring you fresh drinking water, provide transportation networks across the world, develop the power sources and distribution systems that bring power to your home, and design the very buildings and spaces where all other professions reside. 

LIS President Patrick Smith commented, “The challenges that the civil engineering workforce faces highlight the necessity to not only showcase what a professional engineer does, but also the need for them in this industry.”  

In honor of PE Day, LIS is pleased to introduce our talented engineering team, who are registered in seven states including Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia. The team is comprised of two Professional Civil Engineers (PE), three Professional Engineers in Training (EIT). 

Larry Smith 

Larry Smith, LIS cofounder and current Executive Vice President, was the company’s first licensed engineer and surveyor. He earned his first, and LIS’ first, civil engineering license in March of 1990. This accomplishment allowed LIS to expand and begin providing civil engineering services to the public. Smith is currently a licensed engineer in six out of LIS’ seven states of coverage. He has over 40 years of experience in the industry and holds a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Technological University. 

Patrick Smith 

LIS President Patrick Smith acts as the Principal Civil Engineer on staff. He provides training and mentorship to the engineering staff. P. Smith has decades of industry experience and holds both a PE and Professional Land Surveyor license (RLS). He earned a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University and is involved in engineering organizations such as the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers and the American Society of Professional Engineers.  

Trevor Teague 

Working under the mentorship of our PEs, LIS has three PEITs on staff, Trevor Teague, Will Clark, and Zech Rowley. Teague began his career in the industry directly after earning his civil engineering degree at UTM, when he interned at the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). There he gained valuable knowledge in different areas of transportation. Shortly thereafter, Teague joined the LIS team where he assists in both engineering and surveying projects. In addition, Teague earned his RLS in 2022.  

“As an engineer, I have realized that our roles go beyond the realms of equations and plan sheets. The work we do shapes the future of our communities and leaves a lasting impact on lives we will likely never know,” Teague stated. 

Will Clark 

Will Clark is LIS’ second PEIT. Clark graduated from UTM in 2020 and has been working at LIS for two years. Clark was previously an intern at Construction Materials Laboratory where he learned skillsets such as construction site inspection, quality control test, and geotechnical engineering, which are necessities within the civil engineering field. Clark is a team player and shows great potential as a future professional. 

Zech Rowley 

Former intern, Zech Rowley, is LIS’ newest EIT graduate engineer. Rowley graduated from Lipscomb University in 2021 with a degree in civil engineering and began working with LIS full-time. In the future, he plans to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam to officially become a PEIT. 


Initially launched in 2016 by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), 2023 marks the eighth anniversary of this industry holiday. NSPE was founded in 1934 to represent licensed Professional Engineers within the United States. Over the last 89 years, the organization has grown and is represented in 53 states and has over 500 chapters.  

“LIS is proud to assist in raising much needed awareness not only of this industry holiday but also of this vast field,” commented LIS Marketing Coordinator Ashley Horn. “It is our goal to assist the community in exposing the youth to the many engineering career opportunities both throughout the industry and those available locally.” 

To become a PE, one must graduate from an accredited four-year university and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam to become a PEIT. After gaining four years of experience under the mentorship of a PE, a PEIT is eligible to take the Professional Engineering exam. When the PEIT has passed the exam, he or she will finally reach their goal of becoming a PE. 

For more information about career opportunities and internships at LIS, contact Ashley Horn at 

LIS Monthly Staff Photo Competition – July 2023: Let’s Get Patriotic!

Staff Photo Competition - July 2023: Let's Get Patriotic!

Independence Day, fireworks, family gatherings, and a day off from work make July an exciting time each year! While our staff enjoyed the holiday spending time with their friends and family, we asked them to capture moments of their celebrations and patriotism. For July, staff members were required to submit photos that incorporated the flag or red, white, and blue.  

The Staff Photo Competition challenges our staff to submit images that reflect their day in the workplace- wherever that may be.  Each month, one photo is chosen as the winner. Additional photo(s) are also highlighted as honorable mentions.  

This month was a lot of fun and we enjoyed getting to see everyone spending time with their friends and family! 

Submission Winner: Tyler LaPointe

Pictured above is Tyler LaPointe raising the nation’s colors over the 194th Engineer Brigade’ headquarters at Al Asad Airbase in Iraq in July 2020. 

Tyler is a Survey Technician and has been working at LIS for over four years.

honorable Mention: JOhn Snow

While John Snow was at the courthouse doing a plat survey, he took a picture of his favorite working partner, his truck. John and his truck spend a lot of time together during the working hours. 

John currently serves in the role of a Party Chief at LIS.


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