LIS Aids IperionX in Titan Project  

LIS Aids IperionX in Titan Project

Earlier this year, L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) performed ALTA land title commitment surveys on approximately 900 acres of land in Henry and Carroll County for IperionX Limited, a developer of sustainable U.S. critical material and mineral supply chains.  

IperionX aims to be the leading developer of low carbon titanium for advanced industries including space, aerospace, electric vehicles and 3D printing. IperionX holds an exclusive option to acquire breakthrough titanium technologies that can produce titanium products that are low carbon and fully circular. IperionX is producing titanium metal powders from titanium scrap and its operational pilot facility in Utah and intends to scale procure at a Titanium Demonstration Facility in Virginia.  

IperionX also holds a 100% interest in the Titan Project, which has the largest JORC-compliant resources of titanium, rare earth, and zircon rich mineral sands in the United States. The land controlled by IperionX and surveyed by LIS will be used to sustainably extract these minerals that are critical to advanced U.S. industries.  

LIS is proud to have played a key role in surveying IperionX owned land which forms part of the Titan Project. The work being conducted in Henry and Carroll Counties is expected to bring economic benefits to the local communities.  

Larry Smith Honored as Keynote Speaker at Local Veterans Day School Program

Larry Smith Honored as Keynote Speaker at Local Veterans Day Program

Larry Smith, Executive Vice President and cofounder of L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) was invited to be the keynote speaker for the Veterans Day program at Dorothy and Noble Harrelson School on Friday, November 10th, 2023. 

Located just a few miles from the LIS headquarters in Puryear, TN, the Dorothy and Noble Harrelson School hosted a Veterans Day program that brought together 40 veterans, as well as their families and Harrelson School students. The program showcased several performances from various age groups of Harrelson students to honor the Veterans. These talents consisted of self-written poems, instrumental performances, and singing from Harrelson Chorus. 

During Smith’s keynote speech, he invited all of the veterans in the room to stand up for a moment of recognition for their service and sacrifice to our country. Smith went on to convey his experience of entering the Air Force at a young age and how his time in the service aided in his admiration for those in the military. After the ceremony, veterans and their families were invited to join the Harrelson students for a luncheon in the school cafeteria to honor all those who served our country. 

“It was an honor to speak to a group of Veterans from the different branches of the Military and experiences,” remarked Smith.  

National STEM Day Shines Light on the Importance of Careers 

National STEM Day Shines Light on the Importance of Careers

National STEM Day, celebrated on November 8 each year, is a day dedicated to promoting and inspiring interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. STEM education is the foundation upon which countless advancements and innovations are built, spanning various sectors and industries. It equips individuals with critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills, allowing them to address complex challenges.   

For L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS), this celebration is an excellent opportunity to shed light on how STEM education and careers benefit various industries, particularly those vital to infrastructure and development, such as civil engineering and surveying.  

“STEM in the classrooms is key to how we improve the future of society. We start enriching the minds of future scientists and engineers as early as we possibly can,” remarked Tyler LaPointe, LIS Survey Technician and STEM Ambassador for the company.  

Civil engineering is the backbone of modern society, responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining our infrastructure, from roads and bridges to buildings and water systems. The foundation of civil engineering is deeply rooted in STEM education and principles. 

Bridging the gap between data collection and engineering design, surveying is an essential component of civil engineering and construction projects. It involves precise measurement and mapping to inform the design, planning, and construction of infrastructure. 

In celebration of National STEM Day, LIS encourages everyone to engage in activities that promote STEM education and awareness. Throughout the year, LIS attends STEM events such as career fairs, conferences, and school to educate students on the importance of STEM and how it is beneficial to our daily lives.  

“Our team at LIS is proud to do our part in educating the youth about the many interesting and lucrative career opportunities right here in Henry County,” commented Vice President of Marketing and Communications Ashley Horn. “We appreciate the opportunities we have been given to get in the classroom and give back to our hometown.” 

Seven Honored at LIS Staff Award Ceremony 

Seven Honored at LIS Staff Award Ceremony

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, seven team members from L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) were honored at the Annual 2023 Staff Award Ceremony. Recipients were nominated by their colleagues at LIS and the nominations were reviewed by the LIS Leadership team. The awards included a Staff Culture Award, Impact Award, Leadership Award, Mentor Award, two Standout Performer Awards, and a Super Staff Member Honoree Award. LIS is proud to honor these team members through our Annual Staff Awards. Each recipient was given an engraved clear, acrylic award to showcase in their offices.  

Tami Winston, Staff Culture Award

Tami Winston, LIS receptionist, was awarded the Staff Culture Award. The Staff Culture Award recognizes someone who continuously works towards the betterment of the LIS company culture. When reviewing the nominations for this award, Tami Winston stood out for many reasons. One colleague wrote, “Her smiling face is one of the first things I see every morning. Her kindness and smile make every day at LIS better. She always has something nice to say and is always looking to help someone out or make their day better.” 

Caleb Grissom, Impact Award

Caleb Grissom, Executive Assistant to the President of LIS, was awarded the Impact Award. The Impact Award is meant for someone who has an impact on the community outside of LIS. This staff member makes an effort to help our community grow and change for the better. Caleb Grissom’s colleagues wrote, “He is the person I go to when I have a question about Paris, and he is involved in many local organizations. His caring heart and enjoyment of helping others makes him perfect for this award. 

Mason Peale, Leadership Award

Mason Peale, Professional Surveyor, was awarded the Leadership Award. The Leadership Award recognizes an individual, at any level of management, who exhibits exemplary leadership qualities. This individual leads by example and focuses on team successes while inspiring those around them. One colleague wrote, “He not only trained me on certain processes, but he has also been very supportive and encouraging to my success here at LIS. He is always in a pleasant, positive attitude and exemplifies what it means to be a leader.” 

Blake Alexander, Mentor Award

Blake Alexander, Party Chief, was awarded the Mentor Award. The Mentor Award is exclusively for those in leadership roles who have shown exceptional mentorship in helping others with less experience than them grow and thrive. This is someone who has shown compassion, knowledge, patience, and attentiveness as they teach others in the workplace. Blake Alexander’s colleagues wrote, “Can we just automatically give an award to him every year? He is a thorough teacher and will make sure you understand what you’re doing. He is one of the most well-rounded crew chiefs and is still learning every day.” 

Bradford Jones, Standout Performer Office Award 

Bradford Jones, Survey Technician, was awarded the Standout Performer Office Award. Bradford Jones colleagues wrote, “I can’t think of anyone more deserving than him. He is innovative and motivated. He is a great example of a standout performer, and you can tell he enjoys working at LIS.”  

Dusty Mann, Standout Performer Field Award 

The second recipient of this award was Dusty Mann, Party Chief. Dusty Mann’s colleagues wrote, “He is efficient and detailoriented. If I have to work on a project that he is part of, I know it will be a breeze because of his diligence and attention to detail.” 

Angela Dortch, Super Staff Member Honoree Award

Angela Dortch, Project Administrator, was awarded the Super Staff Member Honoree Award. The Super Staff Member Honoree Award was added to this year’s awards as a result of a new initiative at LIS, called “Super Staff Shout Outs”. Within this initiative, staff members at LIS are encouraged to submit Shout Out messages for their fellow team members as a way to promote kindness and recognition throughout the company. Each quarter, a staff member will be awarded a Super Staff Member Honoree certificate based on the submissions received from their colleagues. Angela Dortch received an overwhelming amount of Shout Outs this quarter. Her colleagues wrote, “She works hard and deserves to be recognized for it. She is always taking the initiative to fix problems and keeps going, no matter what comes her way! 

Honoring the Legacy of Lucile D. Smith

Honoring the Legacy of Lucile D. Smith

L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) paid tribute to the enduring influence of company cofounder, Lucile D. Smith, with the dedication of the Lucile D. Smith Conference Room. The dedication ceremony, a celebration of Lucile’s remarkable legacy, took place on Monday, October 30, 2023, at the LIS headquarters located in Paris, Tenn. The Smith family and company staff members were joined by the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce, McKenzie Chamber of Commerce, and numerous representatives from the community to commemorate the occasion. 

Lucile cofounded LIS alongside her husband Larry Isham Smith in 1975. From then on, she not only played a vital role in shaping the company’s operations but also left an unforgettable mark on the state of Tennessee and the surveying profession as a whole. In 1987, Lucile achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first woman in the state of Tennessee to pass the state exam and earn her license as a surveyor. 

Patrick Smith, President of LIS and the son of Larry and Lucile, shared his thoughts on her contributions stating, “At a time when the engineering community was dismissing surveying from its ranks, my mom was discovering what the engineers missed: the art of surveying.” 

Her influence extended beyond her licensure as she introduced many of the procedures used in boundary surveys and administrative practices still used at LIS. Her dedication to her profession was further demonstrated when she assumed the role of President of the company in 1996, leading a male-dominated team in a STEM profession. Lucile retired in 2017, but her enduring legacy continues to shape the future of LIS, ensuring her influence will be felt for generations to come. 

The tradition of surveying runs deep within the Smith family, tracing back to Lucile’s great-grandfather, who was a surveyor. Her influence carried on through her first cousin, husband, and son, all of whom are licensed surveyors. Several of her children and grandchildren have also contributed to the surveying profession in various capacities. 

The Lucile D. Smith Conference Room serves as a lasting tribute to an extraordinary woman who broke barriers and became a role model for the profession, community, and family. 

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