LIS Assists in Economic Growth for Kansas City 

LIS assists in economic growth in kansas city

Cathcart Rail, a company that rehabilitates railcars, is working to make essential improvements to their site in Kansas City, Missouri, which is expected to create a burst in economic activity in the area. L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) served a vital role in the project, providing all necessary surveying services.  

The project manager for LIS’ portion of the project was Vice President of Surveying Tommy Young. Young explained that some of these planned renovations include “adding new tracks, redeveloping the site, and rehabilitating old buildings.” 

LIS, specifically, was tasked with performing a topographic and boundary survey on the 48.64 acre site in order to provide guidance for the new renovations. As project manager for this project, Young held a leading role in LIS’s involvement, guiding the survey team by taking the initial discussions to the next steps, ensuring that details were complete and in order before entering the site, and overseeing that the process went smoothly both while on the site and in the office. 

Young admitted that, during this job, there were certainly some challenging aspects, difficult weather being one. “The main challenge we had was that it was extremely windy, but we needed to fly a drone to collect survey data. Wind and drones just don’t mix,” Young said. There was also a scrapyard nearby that housed a large magnet that he believed caused complications in the magnetic field. 

However, Young, pushing through any struggles, said the experiences on this project provided valuable lessons to our company. Looking to the future, he knows that LIS can be more skilled in dealing with difficult weather and technology compatibilities. “Every project brings new things that we can learn about to make our performance better,” Young said optimistically. 

Overall, Young stated to be beyond proud of the LIS team and stated, “It went very well, even including the difficulties. We got done on time and under budget.”  

Beyond just LIS’ involvement, the improvements made to the rail site are expected to bring invaluable economic benefits to the Missouri town. According to Cathcart Rail, “Cathcart plans to create 20+ new jobs with an average wage of $54,000.” Young agrees with this statement, adding that surveyors play an integral role in providing the groundwork for such development in an economy. “I think that if surveyors did not foster positive economic change, then we’d be out of business,” he confessed. 

Looking towards LIS’s bright future, Young professed his eagerness to work on more projects like this one that drive positive change in the economy. 



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