LIS to Provide STEM Scholarships Through Partnership with UT Martin

LIS to Provide STEM Scholarships Through Partnership with UT Martin

Through a new partnership with the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM), L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) is thrilled to announce the implementation of two new scholarships. The annual scholarships will be available beginning this semester, Spring 2024, and will provide financial aid to local students pursuing their education in the civil engineering and land surveying fields.

“With nearly 30% of our employees being alumni or current students, UTM has become indispensable in our pursuit of workforce development,” commented LIS President, Patrick Smith. “As the university attracts local talent to remain in the region, LIS is continuously utilizing this strategy to attract and retain local talent. I am excited to further our relationship with UTM by awarding scholarships to these students.”

The scholarships bear the name of our cofounders and were developed to highlight their esteemed legacies. The Lucile D. Smith Land Surveying Scholarship pays homage to our former president and cofounder. She was a trailblazer in the surveying field, becoming the first woman in the state of Tennessee to become a licensed surveyor by passing the state-specific examinations. This scholarship is offered annually to local students on the land surveying and geomatics track at UTM.

The Larry I. Smith Civil Engineering Scholarship will be awarded to a local student earning a four year degree in civil engineering. Larry, from whom we gained our namesake, became a Registered Land Surveyor (RLS) in Tennessee in 1975. This professional licensure marked the birth of LIS, as it provided Larry with the necessary certification to do survey work at the professional level. He went on to earn professional engineering licenses in numerous states throughout the region, which led to the implementation of the civil engineering department at LIS.

“We are excited and honored to have this partnership with L.I. Smith and Associates,” said Jeanna Swafford, UT Martin Interim Vice Chancellor for Advancement. “Scholarships are vital to our students and enable them to earn their degree with less or no debt. We are fortunate that corporations like L.I. Smith see the value in supporting higher education and the impact UT Martin graduates make on the workforce in West Tennessee and beyond.”

Each scholarship is valued at $1,000 and provides financial assistance for recipients. To qualify, students must be in good standing with the university, maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and be considered a sophomore, junior, or senior. Additionally, each recipient must be a native of Henry, Weakley, Carroll, or Benton Counties and will be required to job shadow with LIS once per semester.

“By launching this scholarship and requiring they job shadow with us, we hope to spur the interest of local students to the career options right here in Henry County and the surrounding area, while also providing financial support as they complete their studies,” commented LIS Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Ashley Horn.


National Engineers Week Focuses on Welcoming the Future 

National Engineers Week Focuses on Welcoming the Future

National Engineers Week, also known as EWeek, is a week-long industry celebration in February. EWeek’s theme this year is “Welcome to the Future,” which highlights the contributions of engineers, both present and future, in society and showcases the remarkable achievements of engineers, their diverse roles, and the impact they have on shaping the world around us for a brighter and more diverse future. 

Civil engineers play a crucial role in designing, planning, and overseeing the construction of infrastructure projects. Their work ensures that structures are functional, safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Without them, our society could not function in the capacity it does today.  

“Engineer’s Week is a great time for engineers to showcase the exciting things we do that typically go unnoticed such as roads, water, sewer, and building foundations. It brings awareness to the public about the crucial role engineers play in our everyday lives,” Trevor Teague stated.

At L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS), we have a team of six civil engineers, made up of two Professional Engineers (PE) and four Engineers in Training (EIT). Their responsibilities include working on a wide range of projects such as roads, bridges, buildings, water supply systems, and more. Each of our engineers brings a different specialty to our team to showcase the versatility of their education and skillsets. 

As we mark this significant occasion, L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) would like to recognize the women of our office and all their accomplishments. The LIS team is comprised of seven impactful women, all of whom come from a unique background. Each of the women brings different talents to the table and play a key role helping our business run successfully.

Patrick Smith, PE, PLS 

Patrick Smith, the President of LIS, leads the way with his wealth of experience in engineering and surveying. Holding licenses in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Virginia, Smith is a problem solver who enjoys taking on challenging projects and developing creative solutions. A graduate of Mississippi State University, Smith is actively involved in various professional and technical societies, contributing to the growth and development of the engineering community. 

Larry Smith, PE, RLS

Larry Smith, the cofounder and Executive Vice President of LIS, brings over 45 years of industry experience to the table. As a well-established civil engineer and land surveyor, L. Smith’s journey began in 1975, and he has since obtained licensures in multiple states. He is part of the Society of the American Military Engineers and the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers

Trevor Teague, EIT, PLS

Trevor Teague, a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM), joined LIS after completing an internship with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. With a background in surveying and valuable experience in different departments, Teague is a key member of our team, bringing skills that benefit both LIS and our clients. Teague is our primary engineer at LIS and mainly works on subdivision design, site plans, and stormwater design. He has also become a mentor for new hires and our summer interns by taking his time to teach valuable lessons and procedures so that they may also be successful in the engineering field.

Will Clark, EIT

Will Clark, another UTM graduate, is an integral part of the LIS civil engineering team based in the Paris office. With experience gained during his internship at the Construction Materials Laboratory (CML), Clark contributes his field expertise to various aspects of construction site inspections and quality control tests.

John Amann, EIT

John Amann, a two-time graduate with an associate degree from Nashville State Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Tennessee State University, is on the path to becoming a distinguished team member. Throughout his nearly 9 years at LIS, Amann has actively contributed to numerous major projects and earned certifications in CAD, Erosion Prevention, and Sediment Control (EPSC).

Hayden DeBerry, EIT

Hayden DeBerry is the newest member of the LIS team. He is a recent graduate of UTM with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and holds an OSHA 30 certification. While he was in school, DeBerry was a member of the layout team at Daejin in Cumberland City, working alongside Forcum Lannom Contractors. During this time, he also gained hands-on experience as he assumed responsibility for the fieldwork of several subdivisions in the Savannah, TN area. During his short time at LIS, DeBerry has already completed work on several lot surveys in Mayfield, KY.

The diverse skill sets and commitment of the LIS engineering team showcase the importance of EWeek. Join us in recognizing and appreciating the contributions of engineers during this special week.

LIS plays a Major Role in ASCE Competition at UT Martin 


Two members from the L.I. Smith and Associates surveying team, Aj Maxwell and Tyler LaPointe, were invited to visit the University of Tennessee at Martin campus in early December.   

In preparation for the annual Mid-South American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Symposium surveying competition, Maxwell and LaPointe spent two days setting up a control network. This consisted of 10 metal pins being physically placed into the campus grounds at various locations. Each of the metal pens have a GPS coordinate and elevation assigned to them.   

The competition will be held April 4-6 at the UT Martin campus, and the work conducted by Maxwell and LaPointe is vital to the competition for the students. 13 ASCE Student Chapters from the Mid-South Conference Region will attend the competition. Aside from students using these pens during the ASCE competition in April 2024, UT Martin surveying students and campus staff can use them throughout the following years to collect data. The data collected throughout the years will show changes in elevation of the land and other various characteristics.   

The work LIS has done with UT Martin thus far came into fruition from LIS employee Aj Maxwell, Land Surveyor in Training, having the desire to give back to his alma mater in a professional way that other land surveying students could benefit from. LIS has 10 other employees on staff that are UT Martin alumni and 1 full-time staff member that is currently a student. LIS also currently has an intern who just graduated from UT Martin in December.   

“As a UT Martin alumna myself, and with 10 other alumni on staff as well, this is an amazing opportunity to partner with a local higher education institution that several of us came from. It feels like we’re giving back to UT Martin and we enjoy aiding in providing academic resources for future students as well.”, added Ashley Horn, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at LIS.

LIS Aids IperionX in Titan Project  

LIS Aids IperionX in Titan Project

Earlier this year, L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) performed ALTA land title commitment surveys on approximately 900 acres of land in Henry and Carroll County for IperionX Limited, a developer of sustainable U.S. critical material and mineral supply chains.  

IperionX aims to be the leading developer of low carbon titanium for advanced industries including space, aerospace, electric vehicles and 3D printing. IperionX holds an exclusive option to acquire breakthrough titanium technologies that can produce titanium products that are low carbon and fully circular. IperionX is producing titanium metal powders from titanium scrap and its operational pilot facility in Utah and intends to scale procure at a Titanium Demonstration Facility in Virginia.  

IperionX also holds a 100% interest in the Titan Project, which has the largest JORC-compliant resources of titanium, rare earth, and zircon rich mineral sands in the United States. The land controlled by IperionX and surveyed by LIS will be used to sustainably extract these minerals that are critical to advanced U.S. industries.  

LIS is proud to have played a key role in surveying IperionX owned land which forms part of the Titan Project. The work being conducted in Henry and Carroll Counties is expected to bring economic benefits to the local communities.  

Larry Smith Honored as Keynote Speaker at Local Veterans Day School Program

Larry Smith Honored as Keynote Speaker at Local Veterans Day Program

Larry Smith, Executive Vice President and cofounder of L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) was invited to be the keynote speaker for the Veterans Day program at Dorothy and Noble Harrelson School on Friday, November 10th, 2023. 

Located just a few miles from the LIS headquarters in Puryear, TN, the Dorothy and Noble Harrelson School hosted a Veterans Day program that brought together 40 veterans, as well as their families and Harrelson School students. The program showcased several performances from various age groups of Harrelson students to honor the Veterans. These talents consisted of self-written poems, instrumental performances, and singing from Harrelson Chorus. 

During Smith’s keynote speech, he invited all of the veterans in the room to stand up for a moment of recognition for their service and sacrifice to our country. Smith went on to convey his experience of entering the Air Force at a young age and how his time in the service aided in his admiration for those in the military. After the ceremony, veterans and their families were invited to join the Harrelson students for a luncheon in the school cafeteria to honor all those who served our country. 

“It was an honor to speak to a group of Veterans from the different branches of the Military and experiences,” remarked Smith.  

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