Client Experience

We believe a positive customer experience is an essential component of the services we provide to our clients. In providing the highest level of customer service, it allows us to build mutually beneficial relations, meet deadlines, and exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

With this goal in mind, we added the position of Project Administrators (PA) in our surveying, civil engineering, and construction departments in 2023. Our PAs’ primary responsibility is to coordinate and be a liaison between the technical staff and clients in order to provide a helpful line of communication and ensure our clients are kept informed as to any updates regarding their projects.

We are dedicated to serving our clients throughout the various phases of their projects and strive to ensure that all of our clients have a satisfying experience with our services. Your projects and customer experience are important to us, and we value the trust you instill in our company.

The Project Administrator Team

Angela Dortch

A Parisian native, Angela Dortch has a long history of experience in customer service, leading her to excel in effective communication and interpersonal skills. She boasts a commitment to her professional development, having a bachelor’s in criminal justice and a master’s in healthcare administration from Murray State University. Beyond her familiarity with customer service, she also has experience in working in the medical field, which further developed her passion for helping others. As a Project Administrator for the survey department at LIS, Dortch serves as an integral liaison between the client and the technical team. She works to gather information, research and collect details about the property, relay information from the surveyors back to the client, and more. By implementing her exceedingly strong organizational skills, passionate empathy, and collaborative interpersonal talents, Dortch provides a more efficient and pleasant experience for our clients.

Terri Hendrix

As a returning member of the LIS team, Terri Hendrix is well acquainted with both LIS’ operating procedures and the ins and outs of the surveying department. Hendrix possesses prior experience in the manufacturing and human resources fields, which has allowed her to grow her skills in organization, management, and communication. She is a McKenzie native and is a licensed insurance agent in property and casualty. In addition, she holds a bachelor’s in business management from Bethel University. As a Project Administrator for the survey department, Hendrix provides an essential link between our surveyors and clients, assisting in collecting and relaying information, maintaining connections, managing client invoices, and more. She also oversees safety for LIS, providing a safe, comfortable, and healthy workplace for LIS team members. By utilizing her skills, expertise, and talents in customer service, Hendrix provides an experience that is helpful and organized for both the company and the client.

Chris Mills
Civil Engineering

A prior logistics supervisor, Chris Mills boasts an extensive background in managing complex operations and problem solving. He is a strategic thinker and brings unique strategies and tactics to improve client relations at LIS. Mills also has a customer service based background, meaning he is able to effectively be a liaison for complex topics between clients and project managers. Additionally, he holds a bachelor’s degree in health and human performance with a concentration in sports management from University of Tennessee Martin As the Project Administrator for the civil engineering department, Mills works directly with our clients, providing support for scheduling, billing, and organizational needs. He is proactive in maintaining positive client relationships, continuously focusing on effectively communicating essential information between clients and engineers so that our clients stay informed each step of the way.

Caleb Orr

Caleb Orr possesses strong communication abilities, an impressive work ethic, and thrives in the business development realm. Each of these talents allow for projects to thrive under his supervision. He is a Paris native and holds a bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis in business management from Bethel University. As the Project Administrator for construction projects at LIS, Orr communicates with clients to determine needs, construct contracts, and schedule projects. He also works to maintain ongoing positive client relations that are needed for lengthy construction projects that can sometimes take months or years of constant collaboration to complete. Through his expertise and experience in the construction field, Orr provides a unique experience that serves to make lengthy, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

What Our Clients Say

We received a five star rating from our clients based on their experiences scheduling projects, communication, and overall satisfaction of the quality of work we provid. Don’t just take our word for it, read what our clients had to say about their experiences below.