Staff Photo Competition - August 2023

Last year, we introduced our Staff Photo Competition. This competition allowed our staff to showcase the work they did, the locations they visited, as well as their professional and personal achievements. For our staff members, no two workdays are alike, so we received a wide range of unique photos! 

Following last year’s success, we decided to toughen the competition. Some months will now have photo themes. To win a themed month, a photo should match the theme! For other months, we will accept photos of all subject matter.   

Each month, one photo is chosen as the winner. Additional photo(s) are also highlighted as honorable mentions. Since the participants could submit any photo they wanted this month, we saw many creative submissions! 

Submission Winner: John Snow

John Snow took this picture while our team was working on a mitigation survey near Troy, Tenn for the Davey Resource Group. While performing the survey, they were also setting up a control network for the job.   

John currently serves the role of Party Chief and celebrated 28 years at LIS this year.