Women's History Month shines light on accomplishments of lucile d. smith

As the month of March continues, so does the opportunity to celebrate Women’s History Month—a time dedicated to recognizing the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. Women’s History Month serves as an important reminder of the valuable impact women have made and continue to make in shaping our world.

In honor of this holiday, L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) would like to recognize the woman who played an integral role in shaping the foundation of our company as well as leaving a lasting impact on the surveying industry as a whole, Lucile D. Smith.

In 1975, Lucile, along with her husband Larry Isham Smith, founded a small surveying company that would later become a multidisciplinary corporation. She was active in the field, introducing many of the procedures used in boundary surveys still used at LIS today. Her dedication and expertise were further demonstrated when she assumed the role of President of the company in 1996, leading a male-dominated team in a male-dominated industry.

“Lucile was able to motivate a work force like no one else I have seen. She met the challenges of a male dominated workplace and society head on. Her leadership shaped LIS,” LIS President Patrick Smith stated.

Her influence extended beyond shaping the company’s operations, however, as she also left an unforgettable mark on both the state of Tennessee and the surveying profession. Lucile made history in 1987 when she became the first woman in Tennessee to pass the state exam and obtain her surveyor’s license, pushing the boundaries of the profession at the time.

Vice President Larry Smith commented, “Lucile went from chainman to instrument man, to draftsmen, to RLS, to owner. LIS would not have succeeded without Lucile’s involvement and financial management.”

Lucile retired in 2017, but her enduring legacy continues to shape the future of LIS, ensuring her influence will be felt for generations to come. In the fall of 2023, LIS dedicated the conference room in Lucile’s honor. This Lucile D. Smith conference room now serves as a reminder of what she created and accomplished, while also serving as a reminder of the impact that women can have in the industry and in our world.