Redesign of E.H. Crump Boulevard Interchange to Ease Traffic Congestion in East Memphis

Due to the currently failing infrastructure, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has commenced the replacement of the E.H. Crump Boulevard Interchange in East Memphis. The improvements made will help to deal with traffic flow and congestion, further ensuring the safety of motorists.  

The interchange has long been a bottleneck, only made worse by the surrounding landscape. With little room to maintain traffic and construct a new interchange, it is a challenging project for contractors.   

LIS President Patrick Smith stated, “I was first aware of the Crump project when I was working on my first construction engineering and inspection (CEI) project at Walnut Grove Boulevard in Memphis. When I saw the concept plans of a roundabout at the heart of the interchange, I thought it was an amazing solution for a complex project. Fast forward 15 years and I am getting to see firsthand the complexity of the constraints.” 

The project will include the demolition of the previous interchange and the construction of a better, more efficient interchange. This will include bridges, ramps, roadways, and a new roundabout. L. I. Smith & Associates (LIS) will provide survey construction layout for the project as a subcontractor to Bell Construction, the prime contractor. Work on this project will continue for the next several years.  

 “LIS has been performing highway layout for more than 30 years. Our team takes pride in being experts in this field,” said LIS Vice President Chris Conrad. 

Conrad, who has been with LIS for eighteen of those years, is LIS’ project manager on the E.H. Crump Boulevard Interchange project. He will continue to oversee the construction layout team as they work to assist Bell in meeting milestones throughout the duration of the multiyear project. 

To date, LIS has provided a site model for grading and performed all grade stakes and alignment, as well as construction lines, stakes, and grades to aid Bell Construction in the initial stages of construction.  

Due to the nature of this project, LIS will continue to slope stake and stake pipes and drainage structures in different locations at the interchange throughout the duration of the project. In addition, the team will work on the bridges as the project progresses. 

“This is a high-profile project in the heart of Memphis. To be a part of this project is a point of pride and accomplishment for our company,” commented Conrad.  

The project began in May 2022 and is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2025.