River North Development to Transform Nashville’s Downtown

The River North District Waterfront Development will transform Nashville’s Downtown through the incorporation of the Cumberland River. The 125-acre development is a mixed-use district and is located on the Cumberland riverfront.   

The development, known as the Landings at River North, will provide the community with a beautiful mixed-use development that will allow people to live, work, and play with a river view. Residents will also have the convenience of downtown Nashville just minutes away. 

The mixed-use district will consist of two 7-story-tall, luxury apartment buildings, The Oxbow and The Wayward. The apartments will provide more than 600 residential units. Surrounding the residential buildings will be office spaces and 50,000 square feet of retail shops. Ultimately, the Landings at River North will include a waterfront public park, marina, and new pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River connecting Germantown to East Nashville.  

“The Landings at River North will greatly enhance this growing development on this side of the Cumberland River,” stated LIS Chief Operating Officer (COO) Chris Conrad. “The beautiful views and proximity to the bustling downtown will be a great draw to the area.” 

As a subcontractor to Archer Western, the L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) team has supplied horizontal and vertical control for the project as well as quality control and quality assurance by providing as-built survey data to confirm elevations and positions of the structure. This will ensure that construction will be performed to the specifications required, ensuring safety and security for the owner’s investment. 

LIS also performed construction staking of the more critical areas such as the bioretention pond and base line grid control. These areas have critical specifications that must be adhered to for the success of the project. LIS continues to work closely with Archer Western to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that the requirements are met.   

The projected date for the completion of the Landings at River North has not been set at this time.