Seven Honored at LIS Staff Award Ceremony

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, seven team members from L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) were honored at the Annual 2023 Staff Award Ceremony. Recipients were nominated by their colleagues at LIS and the nominations were reviewed by the LIS Leadership team. The awards included a Staff Culture Award, Impact Award, Leadership Award, Mentor Award, two Standout Performer Awards, and a Super Staff Member Honoree Award. LIS is proud to honor these team members through our Annual Staff Awards. Each recipient was given an engraved clear, acrylic award to showcase in their offices.  

Tami Winston, Staff Culture Award

Tami Winston, LIS receptionist, was awarded the Staff Culture Award. The Staff Culture Award recognizes someone who continuously works towards the betterment of the LIS company culture. When reviewing the nominations for this award, Tami Winston stood out for many reasons. One colleague wrote, “Her smiling face is one of the first things I see every morning. Her kindness and smile make every day at LIS better. She always has something nice to say and is always looking to help someone out or make their day better.” 

Caleb Grissom, Impact Award

Caleb Grissom, Executive Assistant to the President of LIS, was awarded the Impact Award. The Impact Award is meant for someone who has an impact on the community outside of LIS. This staff member makes an effort to help our community grow and change for the better. Caleb Grissom’s colleagues wrote, “He is the person I go to when I have a question about Paris, and he is involved in many local organizations. His caring heart and enjoyment of helping others makes him perfect for this award. 

Mason Peale, Leadership Award

Mason Peale, Professional Surveyor, was awarded the Leadership Award. The Leadership Award recognizes an individual, at any level of management, who exhibits exemplary leadership qualities. This individual leads by example and focuses on team successes while inspiring those around them. One colleague wrote, “He not only trained me on certain processes, but he has also been very supportive and encouraging to my success here at LIS. He is always in a pleasant, positive attitude and exemplifies what it means to be a leader.” 

Blake Alexander, Mentor Award

Blake Alexander, Party Chief, was awarded the Mentor Award. The Mentor Award is exclusively for those in leadership roles who have shown exceptional mentorship in helping others with less experience than them grow and thrive. This is someone who has shown compassion, knowledge, patience, and attentiveness as they teach others in the workplace. Blake Alexander’s colleagues wrote, “Can we just automatically give an award to him every year? He is a thorough teacher and will make sure you understand what you’re doing. He is one of the most well-rounded crew chiefs and is still learning every day.” 

Bradford Jones, Standout Performer Office Award 

Bradford Jones, Survey Technician, was awarded the Standout Performer Office Award. Bradford Jones colleagues wrote, “I can’t think of anyone more deserving than him. He is innovative and motivated. He is a great example of a standout performer, and you can tell he enjoys working at LIS.”  

Dusty Mann, Standout Performer Field Award 

The second recipient of this award was Dusty Mann, Party Chief. Dusty Mann’s colleagues wrote, “He is efficient and detailoriented. If I have to work on a project that he is part of, I know it will be a breeze because of his diligence and attention to detail.” 

Angela Dortch, Super Staff Member Honoree Award

Angela Dortch, Project Administrator, was awarded the Super Staff Member Honoree Award. The Super Staff Member Honoree Award was added to this year’s awards as a result of a new initiative at LIS, called “Super Staff Shout Outs”. Within this initiative, staff members at LIS are encouraged to submit Shout Out messages for their fellow team members as a way to promote kindness and recognition throughout the company. Each quarter, a staff member will be awarded a Super Staff Member Honoree certificate based on the submissions received from their colleagues. Angela Dortch received an overwhelming amount of Shout Outs this quarter. Her colleagues wrote, “She works hard and deserves to be recognized for it. She is always taking the initiative to fix problems and keeps going, no matter what comes her way!