LIS Staff Members Recognized for Achievements in the Workplace 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ben Driver, LaCole Webster, Blake Alexander, Will Clark, Mike Ilko, and Drew Smith (NOT PICTURED: Trevor Teague)

Several LIS staff members were recognized on November 2 at LIS’ first annual staff training day. The awards recognized staff members who exceeded expectations and displayed extraordinary integrity in their roles throughout the year.   

“Congratulations to our well-deserving staff members! We appreciate all of their hard work in the past year and are so glad to have them as part of the LIS team,” stated Ashley Horn, Marketing Coordinator at LIS. “Without their dedication and ingenuity, LIS would not be where it is today.”  

Seven awards, ranging in criteria, were presented. The awards were the Leadership Award, Standout Performer Award, Exceeds Expectations Award, Best Team Player Award, and Culture Award. Recipients were selected by LIS leadership staff members Patrick Smith, Chris Conrad, and Ashley Horn, after the review of recommendations made by fellow staff members.

leadership award: Blake Alexander

 The Leadership Award recognizes an individual, at any level of management, who exhibits exemplary leadership qualities. This individual leads by example and focuses on team successes while inspiring those around them.   

Alexander is known for his mentorship in the field. New hires are regularly placed on Alexander’s crew as he exhibits a great work ethic and trains others to do the same. He is thorough in his work, constantly keeping the team updated as to the progress and/or any problems that may occur. Alexander leads by example and is known for going above and beyond to help his teammates.

standout performer (Office): will clark

This award goes to a person working in the office, who has set goals, continually presses forward, and, ultimately, achieves even more than they set out to do. The recipient has continuously gone above and beyond their job responsibilities and made great strides toward innovation. 

Clark is new to the LIS team. Hired as an Engineer in February of 2022, he has learned a great deal in a short amount of time. After only a few short months, Clark is now maintaining client relationships and completing projects on his own. His work ethic and perseverance continually impress his peers.

standout performer (field): ben driver

This award goes to a person working in the field, who has set goals, continually presses forward, and, ultimately, achieves even more than they set out to do. The recipient has continuously gone above and beyond their job responsibilities and made great strides toward innovation. 

Hired in 2019, Driver has worked his way from his hired position of Rodman to his current role of Party Chief. He specializes in construction and has been working in the construction field since he started his first job at his family’s business at just 12 years old. With many years of experience, Driver has a knack for remaining cool under pressure. Driver’s positive attitude, willingness to put his team first, and cool demeaner make him a standout performer in the field each and every day.


A Standout Performer is someone with an outstanding performance on the job, who develops innovative ideas and remains sound under pressure. This award reflects the dedication of an employee toward his or her work at LIS. The Standout Performer Award was given to both a member of the office staff and a member of the field staff. 

When describing Teague, dependable is the first word that comes to mind. Teague is a Registered Land Surveyor and an Engineer in Training. As such, he is involved in a large volume of work in an array of genres at LIS. Although his workload can be heavy, he is never one to complain. Teague is helpful, maintains a positive attitude, and always come through for his team.


The Best Team Player is someone who displays extraordinary integrity and generosity towards their coworkers. To be selected, an individual must demonstrate servant leadership and a desire to help their teammates achieve their goals. 

Ilko, a 10 year veteran of the company, is known for his selflessness and willingness to help others. Recently promoted to the role of Survey Coordinator, Ilko leads the field crews by example. He repeatedly goes the extra mile to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely and appropriate manner, while always taking the time to ensure that his team members are prepared for the task at hand. Mike is also tremendously helpful in the office where he assists the administrative team whenever he can.

CULTURE AWARD: Lacole Webster

Company culture is the foundation of any business. It plays a key role in productivity, innovation, and growth. The Culture Award recognizes someone who continuously works towards the betterment of the LIS company culture.   

As a Senior CAD Technician, Webster regularly works with staff members across LIS’ three office locations on a wide range of projects. When interacting with her, staff members can always count on Webster to encourage them when they need it, no matter if the amount of stress she might be under. She has the heart of a teacher and truly cares about her fellow staff members. She is known as a constant ally to the field and office personnel alike.


This year, staff members were challenged to share the interesting, behind the scenes aspects of their role at LIS through photographs! The challenge ran from May through October. To be selected for the grand prize, a team member had to be the winner of at least one month. This has been a fun competition for our team and we have enjoyed seeing everyone’s submissions this year.

The winning photo, submitted by Drew Smith, shows Smith going to check control on a barge where they were putting in a new outfall line in Kentucky Lake.  

Special RECOGNITION: Ashley Horn

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Chris Conrad, Ashley Horn, Patrick Smith

Marketing Coordinator Ashley Horn was recognized at the end of the day by Vice President Chris Conrad and President Patrick Smith. Horn received a wooden plaque to commemorate her work in planning the training day, as well as her efforts to build staff engagement. In her time with LIS, she has implemented a company swag program, a staff photo competition, and an internship program.

The staff awards were introduced as part of LIS’ staff relations and benefits rollout, launched at the staff training day. The rollout included several new initiatives including a childcare stipend, employee referral program, emergency care fund, and employee engagement program, among numerous other programs.

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