Surveyors Week Showcases Profession's Impact on Society

National Surveyors Week, celebrated annually from March 17-23, marks a time to honor the contributions of the surveying profession. It is also a week that showcases the importance of this industry and all that surveyors do in shaping the world around us.

Land surveying is a valuable industry and practice that helps determine the precise locations of points, distances, angles, and elevations on land. These measurements form the basis for creating maps, defining property boundaries, planning construction projects, and much more.

A few roles that land surveyors play involve establishing and defining property boundaries, communities, and infrastructures, the foundation of our everyday lives. They provide precise data to urban planners, architects, and engineers, to assist in the design of roads, bridges, utilities, and buildings. Surveyors analyze land conditions, identify potential obstacles, and determine routes for infrastructure designs. Their insight ensures that projects are performed safely, efficiently, and align with state and local requirements.

“Surveying is where history meets modern day mapping precision. Surveyors are required to understand how history impacts property lines while also leading the charge in precision mapping, drone technology, LiDAR processing, and so much more. The surveying industry is constantly changing and adapting and looks more prosperous than ever for people interested in making it a profession,” stated Trevor Teague.

While this profession can assist in building projects, it also plays an important role in environmental conservation efforts. By mapping out terrains and existing structures, along with natural features such as wetlands, forests, and wildlife habitats, surveyors help utilize land use while minimizing the environmental impact for sustainable growth and development.

As a surveying and engineering firm, L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) is significantly aware of the importance of spreading awareness regarding the surveying industry and the many career paths available within it. Throughout the year, LIS actively engages with schools, colleges, and communities, imparting knowledge about the vital role surveyors play in shaping our world. We also offer summer internships designed to provide students with hands-on experience and valuable insights into surveying.

As we celebrate National Surveyors Week, let us honor the importance of this profession and spread awareness of this industry. Through education, outreach, and a shared dedication to excellence, we can inspire the next generation of surveyors and continue to shape a world built on precision, accuracy, and foresight.