LIS Assists with Tennessee Titans’ Practice Field

LIS Assists with tennessee titans' practice field

The Tennessee Titans are building onto their indoor practice facility. L. I. Smith and Associates (LIS) assisted Hellas Construction with additions to the practice field. The project began in March of 2022.

In 2019, the Tennessee Titans made the decision to upgrade their practice facility at Saint Thomas Sports Park. The plan consisted of 60,000-square-feet additions and a new building along the practice field. The upgrade included a 2,300-square-foot deck for visitors and sponsors to watch the Titans while they practiced.

Now, the Titans have replaced their practice field with a cushdrain pad. The pad consists of an elastic layer that is paved into place over the stone foundation of a turf system. LIS, a land surveying and civil engineering company, provided Hellas Construction with a detailed topographic survey, or an organized compilation of data showing the natural and man-made terrain features of the land, to aid in designing and installing the pad.

With the improved shock absorption, the cushdrain is used to provide added safety for the athletes and helps to prevent concussions. In addition, the pad will improve drainage in the outdoor portion of the facility.

Chris Conrad, LIS Vice President, stated, “Being part of the process to help ensure the safety of our heroes we watch on Sunday is exciting.”


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