In February of this year, Trevor Teague officially earned his Professional Engineering License (PE). This feat marked a spectacular accomplishment as he now holds two professional licenses at the age of 27. Before earning his PE, Teague also received his Professional Surveyor License (PLS) in 2021. 

“Professional licensure is the highest honor that an engineer can achieve,” stated LIS President Patrick Smith. “It represents to the public that the engineer has satisfied the academic requirements and earned the trust of their colleagues. Trevor has achieved this honor as a surveyor and now as an engineer. He is the youngest person that I know to have done both.” 

With a background in surveying and extensive experience in different departments, Teague is a key member of the L.I. Smith & Associates (LIS) team, bringing skills that benefit both the company and our clients. He is the third professional engineer on the LIS staff and specializes in stormwater design and subdivision design. A graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM), he also holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.   

Teague has proven himself as an invaluable mentor for engineering staff members and our summer interns, teaching valuable lessons and procedures which allow our team to be successful in the field. 

“Trevor has quickly become one of my favorite colleagues that I have ever worked with. The value that he adds as an engineer, mentor, and overall representative for L.I. Smith is immeasurable. I look forward to continuing to learn from and work with Trevor as our company grows,” commented Chris Mills. 

Teague began his career with LIS almost five years ago as an Engineer in Training (EIT), which is essentially an apprenticeship prior to becoming a professional in the field. As he assumes his new role as a PE, he will take a more distinguished leadership position within LIS’ engineering department. Teague will also take on more responsibility for projects while also managing and mentoring the team of EITs and engineering personnel.    

Already planning for the future, he plans to earn a PE licensure in Alabama and join more professional development organizations. Teague is currently a member of Tennessee Associations of Professional Surveyors (TAPS) but plans to join the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE). By participating in organizations like these, Teague will have the opportunity to network with other professionals and promote his professional development. 

“I am excited to have earned my engineering license. This has been a goal of mine since graduating college. I look forward to continuing my career as an engineer and hopefully putting my license to good use,” Teague remarked.