Tyler Lapointe Graduates warrant officer candidate school in top 20%

Tyler LaPointe, LSIT, survey technician, recently transitioned from Staff Sergeant (SSG) to Warrant Officer (WO1) with the Army National Guard. This transition occurred after LaPointe attended and completed the Warrant Officer Candidate School for five weeks in early 2024, having met numerous requirements including various physical challenges, as well as several academic assessments and interviews. His graduation ceremony was on February 14 at the Army Aviation Museum on the base of Fort Novosel in Alabama.  
“Attending the Warrant Officer Candidate School is an experience that I will not forget. This has set the foundation for the rest of my military career, and I look forward to where this development takes me in the future,” shared LaPointe.  
Now that LaPointe has graduated from the Warrant Officer Candidate School, he is eligible and plans to attend the Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) for six months to become a 120A Construction Engineering Technician. LaPointe’s responsibilities of a Construction Engineering Technician (120A) will then include serving as the subject matter expert (SME) on construction operations, facilities management, and project management in a multifunctional capacity across various engineering operations from an Engineer Company through Army Service Component Command (ASCC) units. Along with this, Construction Engineering Technician provide commanders and staff with expert technical advice on the maintenance and repair of various infrastructures. 
“We are proud of Tyler’s hard work and dedication to his military obligations, career at our company, and industry as a whole,” commented LIS President Patrick Smith. “There is no doubt the leadership experience and hands on skills he has gained in this time with the Army National Guard has allowed him to grow tremendously.” 
This past January, LaPointe celebrated his 5-year employment anniversary at LIS. During this time, he has worked on a wide range of projects and acted as a mentor for new staff and interns. Additionally, LaPointe graduated in December of 2023 from East Tennessee State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Surveying and Mapping.