UT Martin Students to Develop Commemorative Logo for LIS’ 50th Anniversary

Mass Media and Strategic Communication (MMSC) students from the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM) are developing a new logo design to commemorate L.I. Smith & Associates’ (LIS) upcoming 50-year anniversary. LIS will launch the new commemorative logo when it meets the milestone in January of 2025.  

LIS President Patrick Smith and Marketing Coordinator Ashley Horn meet with students from the MMSC program today to discuss brand objectives. Students will spend the spring semester creating logo designs in Dr. Tracy Rutledge’s Advanced Media Design class. This senior-level course is project-based and includes instruction in the production of print and multimedia products. The course is offered to students in the MMSC programs who have chosen the Media Design and Digital Content Production area of study. 

“This is a great opportunity for students to understand how the real world works and see that there are opportunities outside of traditional mass communication areas such as working with a surveying and civil engineering firm. It also helps our students network and see where designers can plug into other industries,” Dr. Rutledge stated.  

Each group will develop an original primary and secondary logo, along with a strategic plan, based on LIS’ brand identity and future objectives. Each group will have the opportunity to pitch their design and reasoning later in the semester. Following the presentation, one design will ultimately be selected as LIS’ new commemorative logo.  

The collaboration between LIS and the Department of Mass Media and Strategic Communications came, in part, due to Horn’s relationship with the department. Horn is a two-time graduate of the program, having earned a bachelor’s degree in 2016 and a master’s degree in 2018. Additionally, Marketing and Communications Intern, Martha Jane (MJ) Hooper is currently enrolled in the program with a focus on Strategic Communication and Public Relations.  

“We enjoy partnering with the Department of Mass Media and Strategic Communications whenever we get the chance. The MMSC students are extremely talented, reliable, and contribute unique, innovative ideas,” stated Horn, “For this project, we trust the Mass Media students will develop several creative designs. We look forward to seeing the final presentations.” 

The new logo will be used throughout 2025 to recognize LIS’ 50-year milestone. This milestone marks tremendous growth for the company. Since its inception in 1975, LIS has continued to grow, both in staff and coverage area. What began as a family business that provided surveying services in Tennessee, has grown into a civil engineer and surveying corporation with 12 states of coverage. Over the past 10 years alone, LIS has doubled its personnel in order to keep up with demand. 

“We look forward to launching the new logo closer to our milestone as we celebrate with our clients, colleagues, and community,” commented Horn.  

For more information about LIS and to stay current on update and announcements, visit www.lismith.com